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Reliable investment in the economy of the Philippines

(Special Investor's Resident Visa) - The Resident Investor Visa entitles the holder to reside in the Philippines for an indefinite period of time as long as the required qualifications and investment are maintained.
This is a Government program aiming to attract foreign investment to the Philippines, the condition of which is the transfer of at least 120,910 US dollars into the country and the investment of fixed capital in a viable economic activity.
Who can apply for this program?
Any person over the age of 21 and their family members
Forms of investment
In order to ensure SIRV, only investments in shares of companies listed on the Philippine Stock Exchange may be allowed/accepted as an acceptable form of investment. DFNN is a publicly listed company on the Philippine Stock Exchange and it is the shares of this company that can be accepted as an investment for SIRV. In 2018, DFNN was named one of the 1000 Fastest Growing Companies in Asia Pacific by The Financial Times
Conditions for residing and living
The investor and his family may reside and work in the Philippines as long as his investment exists. However, there is no mandatory residency requirement in the Philippines.
SIVR visa is issued for one year with the right for extension, subject to the preservation of the investment
An investor applying for a SIRV visa must deposit an amount of at least US $120,910 in local currency (pesos) equivalent to a term deposit with a minimum maturity of 180 days at the Land Bank of the Philippines (LBP) or
Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP).
If an incoming money transfer is sent through non-accredited correspondent banks, the total amount of money transferred must be immediately transferred to accredited banks (LBP or DBP).
SIRV investments can be made via bank transfer or cash deposit, as well as in cryptocurrency.
The SIRV applicant must then convert their peso term deposits into investments within six months.
To convert a term deposit in pesos into an investment, you will need:
1) Letter of intent;
2) Payment of the application processing fee; 3) A sworn certificate of a stockbroker for investments in shares of public corporations.
The SIRV visa will be approved after the applicant submits all the necessary documents confirming the actual investment in the BOI:
1) NBI or police permit valid for 6 months;
2) A copy of official receipts and invoices certified by a stock broker;
3) Confirmation from the share transfer bureau that the SIRV holder is a registered shareholder of the company in which the investment was made;
4) A certified true copy of the Certificate of Shares issued in the name of the holder of the SIRV with the required annotation on the front side, duly signed by the Corporate Secretary, for an investment in a public corporation.
  • $120 910 (equivalent in pesos / for the main investor)

    • Investment in DFNN shares is $100,000
    • Support: preparation of all documents related to investments, request and certification of bank documents and documents accompanying the transaction is $ 20,910
  • $5000 (equivalent in pesos / for the main investor)

    Investor Visa Application Processing Fee
  • $300 (equivalent in pesos / for the main investor)

    BOI Application Fee
  • $300 (peso equivalent / for each family member)

    BOI Application Fee
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