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We help obtaining citizenship by investment in the Caribbean islands
  • The Caribbean government offers a citizenship by investment program, commonly referred to as economic citizenship.
    Having invested in the development of the country's economy, the investor receives the right to become a citizen of this country.
  • The main advantages of such citizenship are flexibility, mobility and security. An investor who has obtained an economic citizenship and a second passport has more options and opportunities to travel with less restrictions.
  • We offer an investment citizenship program in the InterContinental Grenada Resort real estate project, which is approved by the Government of Grenada and provided by the well-known developer Range Developments who is the largest and most successful developer of Hotel facilities under the Citizenship by Investment programs in the Caribbean.
  • An investment of $220,000 (through a real estate investment trust) and the payment of associated government fees entitles the investor to apply for citizenship of Grenada.
Key Factors of the Grenada Citizenship
  • Dual citizenship
  • Applicant's Parents and unmarried siblings can participate

  • Visa-free regime with 130+ countries

  • Fast processing of the application (3-4 months)

  • After 5 years, the investment can be sold to another citizenship applicant, allowing for the investor to keep his passport
  • No need to visit or reside in the country

Key Factors of the Grenada Citizenship
  • St. George’s University of Grenada was founded in 1977.
    It is a leading center for international education - highly regarded for their medical sciences program which is recognized by the US Department of Education’s NCFMEA as having standards comparable to US medical accreditation standards.
    Students from more than 140 countries study at this university.
  • Most recently, in January 2023, SGU (St. George’s University) was re-approved by the New York State DOE, with the maximum approval of seven years through 2029, allowing students access to clinical training in NY.
    SGU was also recently ranked in the list of the World Health Organization, obtaining a second place in the number of graduates working as doctors in the USA.
  • St. George's University's Masters in Public Health program received full accreditation from the Board of Health, the organization responsible for accrediting healthcare programs in the USA.
  • Doctoral Program in Veterinary Medicine received full accreditation from the Board of Education of the American Veterinary Association.
Share cost
Per investor
$220 000
Due diligence costs
For a family of 4
$10 000
($5,000 per person)*
*Dependents under the age of 17 are not required to pay due diligence costs; legal costs and payment for certification of documents are calculated based on the location of the investor and the number of dependents.
Application Fees
For a family of 4
$6 000
$1,500 per person
Paperwork Fees
$4 000
State fees
For a family of 4
$50 000
Share Registration Fees
$8 800
Passport Fee
For a family of 4
$1 000
$250 per person
Oath of allegiance to the country Fee
For a family of 4
$20 per person
Additional offers
Non-refundable charitable contribution to the government of Grenada (Charitable contribution to the National Transformation Fund) - from $ 200,000
Dominica Passport Program for donations of $120,000 per person
  • Tax number provided for clients who have chosen to invest in InterContinental Grenada.
  • Driver's license
  • US Tourist Visa
  • E2 US business visa (for Grenada passports)
  • Personal bank accounts with debit cards (fully working worldwide) or company bank accounts
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